Thursday, December 31, 2009

continued updating

We adopted Allie this last fall, she is a 7 year old yorkie with a huge attitude. Shes a very sweet dog, and we are her 3rd owner. She may be the smallest but has the biggest personallity. At some time in her life she was trained. She can sit on her hantches, and stand up, roll over and lay down. I tell her lets up your sweater on and she come running and puts her head threw, she loves her sweathers and coats. Yorkies have very thin human like hair, they need to be bathed just like you wash your hair at least once a week, or it gets oily jsut like human hair. So she has to wear her sweaters out in the cold. Her first owners thought she was getting mean cause she curls her lip, but Yorkies all do that when they get excited to see you. The last people that had her just couldnt take care of her anymore so ask us knowing we could give her what she needs. She has taken totally to Jessica.

Little Vegas was the next to come to our house, she is a retired breeder, she has had a long road for her 7 years. As a puppy she was bought as a breeder and was not interacted with very much.
The people decided they didnt want to breed the dogs anymore and our breeder got her back with some others about the same time we got Sugar from her. She was scared of everyone. Our breeder had her for the last 3 years and she has become more social but still has a little fear of people in general. We had told our breeder that is now getting away from breeding that if she decited to find her a new home we would be interested. When we first got her (about 1 month now) she was so fearful. But shes really warming up to us an will stand on her back feet waving her feet up and down for attention. She used to just shake when I held her so I gave her time and room to feel at home and now shes doing just fine. Here she wont have to worry and will have a nice retirement.
We wont be getting any more dogs for a long while the doggy motel is full. Thank goodness they are small.

All the dogs get along pretty well they are finding their way into our pack. They even sleep with the cats at times.

I did do some sewing this last year, I finished Jessicas quilt(above) before she went off to college. I also finished 3 other quilts before christmas last year that I gave to the 4 kids that I was babysitting for. They werent going to have much of a christmas so I figured it would be a good thing for them.

Jessica made the quilt (below) for the 4 years old girl that I didnt have time to get done. All the ones I did were all hand quilted taking so much more time than what I expected. We were just finishing up the last stitches the day before christmas. She designed it and machine quilted it in like 4 days.

I finished an other quilt but didnt get a picture of it before giving to the kids mom.
I think I finished an other top also at the beginning of this year. The 3d nine patch that I had been working on for ever. Then one day Buddy our eat-o-matic, got ahold of it and chewed up one side of it that im yet to repair.

We worked on the house a bit more over that last year but still dont have the bedroom totally done. At least we have the sheet rock up and its close to being painted. Sean just has been so busy with work he hasnt had time or energy to work on it.
well I think im almost caught up to the present now, there may have been other things but I cant think of them right now. I did get more fabric here and there but not much till this summer, Ill write about that later.
so till next time....


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